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Paths To U.S. Citizenship

If you have recently become a legal permanent resident (LPR) with a green card, congratulations. If you hope to become a U.S. citizen in three to five years, it is a good idea to seek legal counsel soon.

At Higuera Law in La Jolla, an area of San Diego, you can find direction and practical guidance for your path to naturalization. Attorney Priscilla Higuera can advise you on:

  • How to preserve your eligibility while you wait to apply at the right time
  • How to prepare for the citizenship test
  • How to document evidence that you are a person of good moral character

Not All Citizenship Stories Are Identical

Your questions about U.S. citizenship may reflect unique or complicated circumstances, such as the following:

  • You may have been born in the U.S. but raised in another country, and you need help getting a U.S. passport and Social Security card.
  • You may have been born abroad and one or both of your parents are or were U.S. citizens. Perhaps your parent’s citizenship rights came through your grandparent(s). You need help to get the documentation you need to live and work in the U.S.
  • You may have obtained a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, but the marriage ended in divorce or your spouse died. Get advice on how to protect your status and, if possible, progress toward U.S. citizenship.
  • You are serving in the U.S. military or plan to do so and need guidance regarding eligibility for citizenship as a veteran.
  • You may be a U.S. citizen or LPR who adopted a child abroad. You need help to apply for their permanent residency or U.S. citizenship.
  • You (or your child) may be a donor-conceived child with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and/or surrogacy-assisted – and international – birth origins. You need help determining your (or your child’s) eligibility for U.S. citizenship and the procedures for getting the necessary documentation.

These are examples of special situations that Mrs. Higuera can help you with. Whatever your story is and whatever your citizenship-related goals are, contact Higuera Law for compassionate, effective assistance.

Get Advice On Naturalization Or Claiming Your Rightful U.S. Citizenship

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