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Unite Your Family In The U.S. With The Guidance Of An Immigration Attorney

Your quest to immigrate to the United States to join family members – or to sponsor family members for visas or green cards in the U.S. – is unique and deserves careful analysis by an experienced lawyer. Get legal advice as you prepare to apply for a family member’s visa or green card.

Your family-based immigration hopes and plans may be part of deportation defense efforts, or you may be planning ahead with less urgency. At Higuera Law in La Jolla, an area of San Diego, you will find reliable assistance. Attorney Priscilla Higuera will bring compassion as well as knowledge and skills to facilitate your family-based immigration case.

Understand Your Family-Based Immigration

You may be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (LPR) and want to sponsor your spouse for a visa or green card. The government has provided detailed instructions for the necessary processes. However, beware of common obstacles such as the following:

  • Without legal guidance, you may make a mistake in the application.
  • An incomplete, undocumented or wrongly filled-out application could stall your case.
  • You might have to apply all over again if your application is denied at first.

To save time and money, work with an immigration attorney who has the necessary experience, confidence and dedication to unite families through correct legal processes.

U.S. citizens and LPRs can also sponsor unmarried children under the age of 21. Applications for spouses, sons and daughters often have a strong chance of success if you follow the rules and can afford to pay the government’s fees.

U.S. citizens can also sponsor parents, brothers and sisters. Because the U.S. immigration system always has a backlog of cases, an application to sponsor a parent, brother or sister may take time – even years. Before you give up hope, explore creative options. Discuss your family member’s hopes with attorney Priscilla Higuera to determine whether there are faster ways to help your family member qualify to live and work in the United States.

Don’t Lose Your Family Immigration Case Because You Failed To Get Legal Counsel

Some people don’t contact an immigration law attorney because they believe attorney fees will be too expensive. At Higuera Law, you can decide, with Mrs. Higuera’s help, the level of services you can afford.

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